Tent Camp

Forest hunter is quite a comfortable and a very safe program for campers from 12 years old and older. This is an ideal program for the kids who want to get their first experience of camping. Tents are situated right at the lakeside. Campers gain many useful camp skills and soak up the atmosphere of unforgettable adventures and unity with nature!

14 days / 13 nights (transfer, accommodation, meals, camp program, medical care)

Starting from $ 600

  • The tents are situated right on the Robin Hood camp lakeside. The camp is fenced and guarded by the security.
  • Experienced camp staff lead activities with children. All hiking instructors and lifeguards receive special training in the course of water rescue and first aid by the Ministry of emergency situations.
  • Campers enjoy the feeling of camping in nature while also receiving all the benefits of a residential camp such as showers and toilets, camp dining hall and medical station. This allows keep all daily hygiene procedures in accordance with the rules and requirements of SanPiN.


· basics of tourism and survival skills;

· sports orienteering;

· canoeing and kayaking;

· rafting on the river on catamarans;

· eco-trails;

· sport fishing;

· archery and rifles;

· wall climbing and Sherwood rope course

· ornithology (owl nursery)

· guitar singing by the camp fire

· all-camp evening activities.

  • CLOSE TO NATURE  The basic skills of staying overnight in nature, finding firewood and making a fire, a shelter from the rain, river crossing skills, help your friend in case of injuries and bruising - this is only the beginning of what campers learn in the program "Forest hunter". If you learn to be thoughtful, the whole world of wildlife opens in all its beauty. The camp is located in the unique nature  reserve "Tarusa", where you can meet rare birds and animals. Marten, ermine and beavers live by the camp lake. Roe and spotted deer live in the area as well.
  • HIGHLIGHT  The highlight of each session is a 1-day rafting trip on the Protva River in the catamarans. It’s not just a little adventure, but a true challenge for the whole team and for each camper. We believe that coming back home from Forrest Hunter program, kids will become a little kinder, learn to appreciate friendship more, and want protect the surrounding nature.

Dates & Rates

Rates are valid until Feb 28, 2022

Session 1May 28 – Jun 10$ 600ЕСТЬ
Session 2Jun 13 – Jun 26$ 600ЕСТЬ
Session 3Jun 29 – Jul 12$ 600ЕСТЬ
Session 4Jul 15 – Jul 28$ 600ЕСТЬ
Session 5Jul 31 – Aug 13$ 600ЕСТЬ
Session 6Aug 16 – Aug 29$ 600ЕСТЬ
Address in Moscow

Office 202, 7 Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia


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