Water adventure

₽ 92 950

14 days / 13 nights

The water adventure program is organized on its own pond and teaches children canoeing, kayaking, kayaking and SUP boards, as well as introduces various types of archery, crossbow and rifle. A unique 3D archery training course in a natural landscape: forests, river banks, natural slopes and ravines!

Water adventure Robin Hood camp water adventure
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The camp's boat station has a wide variety of rowing and motor watercraft that meet the standards and modern safety requirements. Experienced rescue instructors who have received special training in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the course of water rescue and first aid are engaged with children.

Before the start of classes, all children are given safety instructions and are closely monitored by the staff at all times.

Water sports classes provide children with sustained self-confidence, rowing skills and personal safety practices.

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3D archery is a sport that is gaining popularity all over the world. High-speed shooting in motion, changing positions, shooting from behind shelters at various artificial targets in a natural environment.

In the program:

  • canoeing and kayaking, SUP board,
  • historical fencing,
  • 3D archery, Crossbow, rifle shooting,
  • the blacksmith shop,
  • rock climbing, Sherwood Rope Park,
  • tourism,
  • applied creativity,
  • music studio,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs

In addition to specialized classes, the camp organizes general game programs, quests, role-playing games and other outdoor activities.

Here, every child is realized by showing their skills, abilities and talents.

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Robin Hood camp in Russia

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