The camp area of 29 hectares has its own land plot on the lake shore, fenced and guarded by a private security company.

The camp is year-round with warm capital buildings, a canteen, a medical center, its own boiler room with hot and cold water supply and central sewerage.

On the territory there are sports and playgrounds, a shooting complex, a stable, a boat station, a house of technical creativity, studios, an assembly hall, a park of cars and motorcycles, a paintball club, a rope park and much more.

Territory Camp Robin Hood


Accommodation of children in warm brick buildings with all amenities. There are two types of accommodation: buildings with amenities in the room for 4 people and a building with amenities on the floor for 4-6 people in the room.

The buildings are equipped with central sewerage, hot and cold water supply. Hot water is supplied constantly. A round-the-clock drinking regime is organized. Drinking coolers with disposable cups are installed in the halls.

Also on the territory there are safari houses with amenities in a capital building.

All buildings are equipped with modern fire extinguishing equipment and systems and electronic fire alarms with voice notification and signal transmission to the dispatch console of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Catering services

Catering services

The camp organizes a comprehensive 5 meals a day in a separate canteen building. We feed tasty and varied according to the type of choice of dishes from several options on the marmite line.

Schedule: - breakfast at 9.00, - lunch at 13.30, - afternoon tea at 16.00, - dinner at 19.00, - second dinner at 21.00.

In addition, there is a children's cafe "Wild Beaver", where an assortment of its own pastries (branded cookies, muffins, cakes, sweet and edible pastries, pizza), as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee is presented for a separate fee.

Новый правила перевозка детей автобусами


We will arrange a general departure on comfortable buses accompanied by traffic police cars. Buses depart from the Yuzhnaya metro station near the Yuzhny shopping center towards the region.

Return to Moscow approximately from 13:30 to 14:00 to the place of departure.

We remind you of the need to take medical certificates for boarding, namely: a certificate of form No. 079/Y with an extract from the vaccination card, a certificate of absence of infectious contacts (taken 3 days before departure).

You bring the certificates to the bus on the day of departure and hand them over to the counselor who accepts your child.
A child is not accepted into the camp without certificates!

Information on departure to the camp

Yuzhnaya Metro Station

Sending children to Robin Hood Camp.

Gathering at 10:00 at the eastern entrance to the shopping complex on Kirovogradskaya St., building 9, building 4.
Departure of the column at 10:45

At Varshavskoye highway, from the exit of the Yuzhnaya metro station, you need to walk along the shopping complex along Sumy or Dnepropetrovsk street.


Robin Hood camp in Russia

Office in Moscow

Baumanskaya str., 7
office 202, 2nd floor
Camp Industry LLC

Address of the camp

Ozernaya str., 1
Kremenki, Kaluga region., 249185