Camp Rules

- these are our principles, philosophy and norms of behavior that determine the nature of how we conduct our work day in and day out.

Camp Rules Camp Robin Hood

Basic principles


Dear parents!

During a short camp shift in a temporary team, we cannot replace parental education - to teach your children to be polite, to say "hello", "please", "thank you", "sorry". They learn this at home!

It is at home that children learn to be honest, punctual, diligent, treat friends well, honor and respect their elders!

The Robin Hood Children's camp promotes the ideas of friendship, kindness, equality, mutual assistance and tolerance. Regardless of their character, religion, skin color, physical and mental development, we want children not to offend each other, treat everyone in the camp with respect and dignity.

There are conflict situations in the camp, as well as at school. We make every effort to resolve conflicts between children. But if children grossly violate the established order, namely, humiliate the dignity of other children, harass, demonstrate vandalism towards camp property, show disrespect for elders, grossly violate the rules of the camp

Bad habits and prohibited substances

The health of a child is the greatest happiness for parents.

Many parents, sending their children to other children's camps, face problems with smoking and alcohol consumption in the camp by both children and adults. You may be surprised or you may not believe it at all, but there are no such problems at the Robin Hood Children's camp!

We are doing very serious work with the staff and children of the camp so that such problems do not arise. We also thank our parents for their help and support in this matter.

Any psychoactive and narcotic substances in children, their storage, distribution, and use are prohibited in the camp! Substances such as tobacco, smoking mixtures, energy drinks, alcohol, drugs, vapes, spices, snus, rolls, etc. are prohibited.

In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, by sending the child to the camp, the parent/guardian gives voluntary consent to the inspection of the child's personal belongings in the presence of a social pedagogue or a representative of the commission on juvenile affairs for identification

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