Camp Vacancies

You are energetic, hardworking, in good shape, appreciate teamwork, sincerely love children and are ready to improve your teaching skills - you are exactly who we need!

An interesting and exciting job awaits you at the Robin Hood camp!

Camp Vacancies An interesting and exciting job awaits you at the Robin Hood camp!
Job in camp

Since the Robin Hood camp is seasonal, we need the following specialists for the summer holidays.


  • curator of specialized programs;
  • camp counselor;
  • equestrian coach;
  • archery instructor;
  • air gun shooting instructor;
  • fencing instructor (rapiers) and stage fencing;
  • mountaineering instructor (climbing wall, rope park);
  • tourism instructor;
  • instructor in water sports and boat driving;
  • instructor of car and aircraft simulators;
  • street art instructor;
  • instructor at the make-up studio;
  • instructor at the perfumery studio;
  • Journalism instructor / SMM
  • physical education teacher, swimming instructor, lifeguard;
  • instructor of housing and labor;
  • Director at the theater studio;
  • choreographer;
  • music worker;
  • teacher-organizer;
  • instructor (artistic and applied creativity);
  • driving instructor (motor vehicles);
  • Modeling and construction instructor;
  • teacher of English and Chinese languages;
  • psychologist;
  • Camp administrator;
  • DJ;

Requirements for candidates:
- age from 18 years and older;
- no bad habits;
- the desire to work with children.

For employment, you will need:
- availability of a valid medical record;
- availability of a certificate of no criminal record;
- a certificate of the established sample confirming the qualification (if necessary) or to study with us.

Training for a category
If necessary, we will organize training at the expense of the camp for a lifeguard, as well as in GIMS for the right to manage small vessels, categories A1 (ATV/snowmobile), A2 (driving off-road vehicles up to 3.5 tons).

Robin Hood camp in Russia

Office in Moscow

Baumanskaya str., 7
office 202, 2nd floor
Camp Industry LLC

Address of the camp

Ozernaya str., 1
Kremenki, Kaluga region., 249185