camp for teenagers

₽ 93 950

14 days / 13 nights

For active and positive teenagers, the best of all specialized programs! We have combined the most interesting classes from the programs "Robin Hood", "Carolina", "Motor", "Gourmet" and added a variety of active and creative activities.

For children aged 15-17. 

camp for teenagers Robin Hood camp for teenagers


We invite children aged 15-17 who want to spend their holidays in the camp to participate in the new direction of the Leader program. We are opening recruitment to the Active-Mix squad.

We know perfectly well what to interest the older children in the camp. The new program allows you not only to relax and have a good time, but also to spend this time usefully for your personal growth - to discover a lot of new things in yourself, meet interesting people and set yourself a bar for further development of your own value system and self-determination.



Camp program:

  • canoeing, rope park,
  • shooting, fencing,
  • outdoor sports,
  • car and airplane simulators,
  • modeling and construction,
  • ATVs,
  • cooking workshops,
  • music studio,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs

Various creative activities: acting exercises, stage performances, theatrical productions. Concerts, discos, movies, themed promotions, competitive game shows and quests.

Game and psychological trainings for self-determination, career guidance, and team building. Interesting lectures, discussions, master classes within the framework of the program, various forms of communication.

Future counselor

The Leader Program

16-17 years old

Those who have already turned 16 years old - future counselors, organizers and leaders of detachments are offered a new author's program on a competitive basis.

The Leader Program

The Leader program is organized exclusively during the 5th and 6th shifts of the summer season and is designed for teenagers from 16-17 years old, who previously repeatedly rested on any programs of the Robin Hood camp, vividly demonstrated their leadership qualities, actively participating in the creative life of the camp shift.

The program includes immersion in camp life and adventure pedagogy, a general training course with psychologists and coaching coaches, as well as a lot of creativity with children in squads.

Leaders are attached to squads and undergo daily practice of effective interaction with children.

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