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14 days / 13 nights

The program of the language camp “English in Action” has already become traditional for us. A real Robin Hood should not only shoot a bow accurately and ride a horse famously, but also speak English fluently. You don't have to go to Nottingham for this, we created an island of good old England right in the camp!

A limited set of up to 16 seats.

English in Action camp Camp Robin Hood
English in the camp


Everything that seemed difficult at school will become familiar and easy in the language camp. After all, the main thing is to break down the barrier of indecision and fear, and then a new world opens up for children.

Every day in the English language camp, the child attends 4 English classes. English-speaking language teachers in a playful atmosphere will focus on spoken English, idioms and useful expressions, culture, history, architecture and traditions. The task of the program is not to mark, but to create interest in the topics discussed, to give a key to the most important structures of the language, to expand the vocabulary, to motivate further study of English outside the language camp.

Blacksmith Shop

English as a way of life.
For children 10-15 years old.

Сamp program:

  • English (2-3 academic years hours a day),
  • blacksmith shop,
  • fencing with rapiers,
  • archery and rifles,
  • rock climbing, Sherwood Rope Park,
  • tourism,
  • applied creativity,
  • music studio,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs

An ornitharium has been opened on the territory of the camp. In our bird family there are long-eared owls, owls, buzzards and hawks.

English at the children's camp

International Atmosphere

It is important that the English language does not end after the bell, as at school. After classes, the teachers stay with the children all day, play sports together, sing to the guitar, watch movies – and all this in English! We create a friendly international atmosphere in the language camp so that children can learn to think in another language and communicate with each other easily.

Social Media Class

The highlight of the English in Action language camp program was the Social Media Class - this is a special course where children themselves shoot video stories from the life of the camp in English, write texts, comment on events and post their works on social networks on a dedicated page in FB.

Every day on the Internet, parents will be able to observe the life and success of their children.

Robin Hood camp in Russia

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