Forest hunter

Glamping for children

₽ 75 950

14 days / 13 nights

Glamping and eco-hotel Forest Hunter is a comfortable and safe program for children from 11 years old who want to get their first experience of living in a natural environment.

Glamping for children is designed for 60 places.

Glamping for children Glamping for children

There is a book that is always open to everyone — it is nature.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Glamping and eco-hotel Forest Hunter


We have made outdoor recreation for children even more comfortable, safe and exciting. We said goodbye to stuffy and cramped tents forever.

In the thematic zone of the Forest Hunter glamping, equipped safari lodges for living are located right on the shore of their own reservoir within the boundaries of the Robin Hood camp, fenced and guarded by security service.

The atmosphere of rapprochement with nature is everywhere here. Screams of owls, the fire of the evening campfire. Legendary wooden Adirondack chairs at each cabin for contemplation of water, sunrises and sunsets.

Children enjoy all the advantages of a stationary camp (shower, toilet, dining room, medical center) in the capital buildings, which allows them to observe all daily hygiene procedures in accordance with the rules and requirements of the SanPiN. The safari houses have comfortable beds with bed linen, comfortable furniture for storing things and the usual home comfort.

Experienced tourists and rescue instructors who have received special training in the Ministry of Emergency Situations are engaged with children.

Even closer to nature

Robin Hood camp

If you are very careful, the whole world of wildlife opens up in all its beauty. Rare birds and animals can be found in the camp. Beavers, marten and ermine live near the reservoir. Here you can see a roe deer or even a large spotted deer.

Camp program:

  • the basics of tourism,
  • farming,
  • orienteering on the ground,
  • canoeing and kayaking,
  • catamaran river rafting,
  • radial ecological trails,
  • ornithology (owl nursery),
  • sport fishing,
  • archery and rifles,
  • rock climbing, Sherwood Rope Park,
  • songs around the campfire with a guitar,
  • evening general events

When was the last time your children spent time outdoors? Very often we are so busy that we forget to stop and look around. Feel the breeze, look at the sky, sun, rain, trees, animals and insects.

An ornitharium and a small home farm have been opened on the territory of the camp. In our bird family there are long-eared owls, owls, barn owls, owls, polar owls, crows, buzzards and hawks, and decorative piglets, chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits and many other animals live on the farm.

Safari houses

Safari houses

The glamping house is designed for the most comfortable rest and living in nature.

  1. The area of the house: 37.5 sq. m.
  2. Frame: pine
  3. A living area with a thermal circuit made of non-flammable thermal insulation material, interior decoration made of natural material.
  1. Roof: metal tile
  2. Entrance: fiberglass doors and windows with mosquito net.
  3. Number of seats: 5-8 people.
  4. The house is equipped with all necessary furniture and accessories: beds, bed linen, wardrobe, outdoor Adirondack chairs.



Basic skills

Basic skills of organizing overnight stays in nature, preparing firewood and making fire, shelter from the rain, setting up a river crossing, helping a neighbor with injuries and bruises are far from all that can be learned in the Forest Hunter program.


The culmination of the two-week shift is a one-day catamaran rafting on the Protva River. This is no longer a small adventure, but a real test of the whole team's cohesion and a test of their strength.


We are sure that after visiting the Forest Hunter program, our children will feel the real world of wildlife, become a little kinder, learn to appreciate friendship, protect the surrounding nature and help others.

Take a step in the direction of your dreams and watch the universe work wonders to help you.

Alexandra Domelle

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