Equestrian Karolina camp for girls

₽ 97 950

14 days / 13 nights

The program of the Equestrian Carolina girls club combines classic equestrian sports traditions and the opportunity to immerse yourself daily in the girlish world of creativity and beauty!

Own stable, professional trainers, well-groomed and trained animals.
For children from 10 years old. Limited set, there are 16 girls in the group!

Equestrian Karolina camp for girls Equestrian

Horses are the eighth wonder of the world!

Horses are the eighth wonder of the world!


The equestrian club program for girls is a great opportunity to combine your riding hobbies with sports and creative activities of your interests. For the entire period of the shift, specific animals are determined for each child, training, communication and care are organized. Thus, the possibility of establishing individual contact with horses with elementants of hippotherapeutic influence is formed.

Horse riding is a great workout for the whole body. During a horse ride, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are actively working, which helps to improve their functioning. And the vestibular apparatus helps to keep balance, which means that it will also receive a moderate load, thanks to which children gain dexterity and coordination of movements improves.



Communication with horses awakens the best qualities in children, such as kindness, gentleness, attentiveness, confidence and many others.

Camp program:

  • horse riding (theory, horse care),
  • horseback riding, dressage, show jumping,
  • cheerleading,
  • aerobics,
  • lawn tennis,
  • cycling trips,
  • journalism,
  • music studio, vocals,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs

The general program of the equestrian club for girls includes the following areas: cooking, music, theater, floorball and creative workshops.

Additionally, at the discretion of the camp, the program may include: sand animation, open-air, landscape design, floristry, decoupage, soap making, aquagrim, stage fencing, etc.

The camp stable has all the necessary equipment and individual equipment. However, if your child is already engaged in horse riding and prefers to practice in his own, then we recommend that you carry a helmet, riding breeches and special shoes (boots, boots, leggings).

In addition to horse riding, children at the equestrian camp play outdoor sports, participate in the adventure program of the camp and are involved in the overall creative process of the Robin Hood camp.

Sometimes you think that every minute with a horse is priceless.

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