water-powered adventures

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14 days / 13 nights

Captains is one of the best programs of the camp, offering children a unique experience of water-powered adventures, water tourism and exciting shipbuilding.

Feel like a captain at the helm of a real motor ship.

water-powered camp Captains summer camp

Look at the world with different eyes

While someone is making plans on land, we are already having fun on the water!

Cognitive activities

shipbuilding workshop


We offer children from 12 to 15 years old to plunge into the world of water-powered adventures, learn how to safely operate a motor vessel, master the skills of a sailor, learn the rules of navigation, touch the basics of wooden shipbuilding and embark on a journey through the open waters of the Oka River.

In the camp's shipbuilding workshop, we learned how to build wooden canoes and mini tugboats, Mini Tug Boats, popular all over the world as small stable and maneuverable boats with a motor for young skippers. For two weeks, the children learn navigation every day, practicing their skills at the helm in the camp's own closed reservoir. Anchoring, mooring, navigation and teamwork.

Every child will try himself as a rare craftsman and touch the construction of a real wooden canoe or try to make his own paddle. At the end of the shift, a solemn launching of a wooden boat made by children's hands.

Exciting experiences

driving a Mini Tug Boat

Water-powered travel as a way to explore the world and oneself.

camp program:

  • driving a Mini Tug Boat,
  • construction and maintenance of a motor vessel, rigging,
  • rules of navigation, safety, navigation,
  • shipbuilding workshop,
  • water-powered hike along the Oka river, water tourism,
  • water skiing,
  • canoeing,
  • Sherwood Rope Park,
  • archery, rifles,
  • outdoor sports,
  • music studio,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs.

On the water area of the camp there is an equipped boat and rescue station with docks, piers, berths and a mobile medical center.

Experienced rescue instructors who have received special training in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the course of water rescue, first aid and navigation are engaged with children.

Before the start of classes, all children are given safety instructions and are closely monitored by the staff at all times.

Water-powered hike

Water-powered hike

At the end of the shift, our young captains go on a real water-powered hike along the river. The Oka and its tributaries. Now all the acquired skills of boatmasters and travelers must be consolidated in open water in real expedition conditions.

A unique river practice

After breakfast, we start from the camp, launch our mini-tugs in the area of Serpukhov, then go along the Nara river and enter the Oka River.
During the hike, we enjoy the journey, get acquainted with the navigation signs, determine the ship's course, prepare a parking place on the shore. We set up camp, cook food on a campfire, sing songs to the guitar. We go water skiing. We fish by trolling. We are practicing our navigation skills.

Every day on the Internet, parents will be able to observe the life of their children in the camp and on the hike. We will post reports on the past days on our social networks.


Mini Tug Boats

Requirements for participants

• age 12-15 years
• weight up to 70 kg
• it is necessary to be able to swim 

Medical contraindications

Disability. Allergies! Epilepsy, mental illness, mental retardation, psychopathy, pathological personality development with severe behavioral disorders and social adaptation. All diseases are in the acute period.

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