Motor camp

₽ 99 950

14 days / 13 nights

For your children, the best and safest equipment is buggies, ATVs, mopeds, a thermal balloon. Professional instructors, incredible experiences and unforgettable adventures – all this and much more the children will have to experience for themselves in just 14 days.

For boys from 10 years old,
for girls from 12 years old.

Motor camp in Russia Motor camp in Russia
Motor children's camp


Who in childhood did not dream of getting behind the wheel of dad's car and really driving through the yard to the envy of friends and neighbors, or being at the controls of a real plane and climbing high into the skies? Perhaps someone imagined themselves as a researcher of distant galaxies on board an incredible spaceship. At the Motor children's camp, every child gets the opportunity to touch the world of cars, motorcycles and aircraft, feel its reality and find a dream.

There is a place for every romantic in the Motor program. Cycling, cross-country buggy racing, riding mopeds and ATVs, hot air balloon flights, aerobatic piloting, aircraft construction, fascinating mechanics, radio-controlled models, excursions and airplane flights.

Motor children's camp boys and girls

For the first time in the history of the camp movement, we opened a camp where children had the opportunity to learn how to pilot a fighter on the SU-27 flight simulator, designed specifically for the Motor camp.

Camp program:

  • hot air balloon flights;
  • buggy;
  • mopeds;
  • ATVs;
  • Captain's courses (motorboat management);
  • flight simulators of the SU-27 fighter and Cessna aircraft;
  • car simulators;
  • modeling and construction;
  • aviation meteorology and popular astronomy;
  • fascinating mechanics;
  • gyroscuters;
  • bicycling.  

In the evening, we organize shows, concerts, performances, discos. There is a music lounge where children learn our favorite camp songs.

Child camp

A unique camp

The Motor Children's camp is hardly an ordinary place - it's a whole world of motorcycles and motor vehicles! Dozens of interesting activities, a real-life thermal balloon, buggies and ATVs. It's a whole city of hobbies, living its own life. This is a children's camp that you could only dream of before!


Medical contraindications: disability, epilepsy, mental illness, mental retardation, psychopathy, pathological personality development with severe behavioral disorders and social adaptation. All diseases are in the acute period.

Every day on the Internet on the Vkontakte page and the Telegram channel, parents will be able to observe life in the camp and the successes of their children.

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Office in Moscow

Baumanskaya str., 7
office 202, 2nd floor
Camp Industry LLC

Address of the camp

Ozernaya str., 1
Kremenki, Kaluga region., 249185