Creative camp for girls Karolina

₽ 92 950

14 days / 13 nights

Karolina in Latin means "crowned with flowers", "queen". Caroline's head is crowned with white violets - a symbol of creation and creativity, harmony of the inner and surrounding world. Such a Caroline is our ideal. And in our girls, we develop creative abilities, teach them to see beauty and create beauty with their own hands, help girls love their own reflection and find themselves.

Creative camp for girls Karolina Camp for girls
Лагерь для девочек Каролина


Beauty can be different, but the most important thing is the light inside, the warmth with which you warm your loved ones.

We offer girls from 7 to 15 years old two programs to choose from: creative and equestrian sports. They have a lot in common. In both, the girls will practice acting, create their own models of clothes and accessories, and learn how to cook delicious food. And here, for creative natures, we offer classes in choreography and vocals, acquaintance with the art of creating perfumes, master classes in make-up and fashion shows. And for athletic girls - lawn tennis and stage fencing, horse riding lessons and journalism.

Dreams come true

Dreams come true in camp for girls

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy." Oscar Wilde

Camp program:

  • fashion and accessories design,
  • perfumer's workshop,
  • make-up studio,
  • fashion show,
  • choreography,
  • cooking,
  • theatre,
  • floorball,
  • music studio, vocals,
  • shows, creative and evening entertainment programs

All the most interesting and exciting things for young ladies.

Additionally, at the discretion of the camp, the program may include: sand animation, open-air, landscape design, floristry, decoupage, soap making, aquagrim, stage fencing, etc.

In addition to creativity, children in the camp regularly engage in outdoor sports and participate in the entertainment programs of the Robin Hood camp.

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